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The Circle: Honoring Our Ukrainian Community

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The Circle flyer with event details repeated in an overlapping circle design

The Circle is a monthly restorative space to center those impacted by identity-based trauma. All UMD members are welcome into The Circle, acknowledging that we are holding space for one another as we share with vulnerability and humility. Restorative circles derive from Indigenous ancestral wisdom as a means for individual and community healing.

For this month's Circle, we will focusing our space on Ukrainian community members, their families, and Ukrainians around the world who are enduring unspeakable horrors over the past year. We will hold space to process the impact for those within our community and attempt to provide compassionate care for those in attendance.

*To ensure the privacy of attendees, this sacred space will never be recorded

**After about 5 minutes past the hour, we will close entry to new attendees so that we can assure that all participants receive quality care within this space. Since this is a healing space and not a webinar, we hope for all participants to engage to the best of their ability